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sabato 19 aprile 2008

There exists no other border demarcation in Africa as clearly defined as that of the Eritrean-Ethiopian boundary: President Isaias


Asmara, 18 April 2008 - President Isaias Afwerki underlined that there exists no other border demarcation in Africa as clearly defined and marked in the map as that of the Eritrean-Ethiopian boundary. He made the remarks in an interview he gave to Aljazeera Television that was transmitted today. The President pointed out that the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) concluded its mission indicating virtual demarcation on the map after waiting for five years during which the United Nations and specifically the Security Council failed to fulfill their obligation of implementing the Boundary Commission’s final and binding ruling on border delimitation that was issued on 13 April 2002 in accordance with the Algiers Peace Agreement. Stating that in line with the Algiers Agreement the task of the UN Peacekeeping Mission terminates after the issuance of the EEBC’s final and binding ruling, President Isaias underlined that the stationing of the peacekeeping mission in the border has not legal justification as the Commission’s ruling has already been virtually demarcated on the map, presented to both sides and concerned parties and since the border issue has reached legal conclusion. The President went on to indicate that the continued presence of the TPLF regime’s forces in sovereign Eritrean territories after the virtual demarcation is tantamount to occupation. Emphasizing the unconditional withdrawal of the regime’s forces from the sovereign Eritrean territories, he explained that this problem is basically created by the US and that the TPLF regime does not possess the power to occupy Eritrean territory without the support and encouragement of the US Administration. On Eritrean-UN relations, President Isaias underscored that if at all there exists a genuine and effective international organization, we do not want our relations with the UN to get complicated. In this respect, he elaborated that the basic problem with the organization emanates from its failure to implement the EEBC ruling in accordance with international laws. Hence, the problem is essentially not between Eritrea and the United Nations but rather the latter’s own problem, the President underlined. Noting that all resolutions of the Security Council and the UN as a whole are adopted under the US Administration’s pressure, President Isaias pointed out that the prevailing situation in Somalia is a clear reflection of US interests in the Horn of Africa. He further indicated that Washington is dictating its sole interest on the choice of people at global level, and as such the strong popular opposition being s witnessed in Somalia is a clear reflection of this state of affairs. Highlighting the fact that talks about the so-called US intentions to promote democracy in Africa is but sheer act of deception, President Isaias pointed out that in reality the United States strive to ensure its interests no matter a given African country is democratic or not. To this end, Washington pursues the policy of inciting ethnic and religious divisions among societies, and in the process create instability that would pave the way for crisis management, he elaborated. Replying to a question regarding relations between Sudan and Chad, President Isaias explained that the core of issue is that of Darfur, and that the interference of the US Administration and its partners in the issue has not only complicated matters but also negatively affected Sudanese-Chadian relations. He stressed the need for Sudan and Chad to work together towards resolving the Darfur issue without any external interference. The President also gave replies to questions concerning the situation in Kenya and US invasion of Iraq.

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