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mercoledì 7 maggio 2008

Eritrea secures broad acclaim for its rich natural resource and locomotives

Asmara, 6 May 2008 - Italian railway experts said that Eritrea is a major tourism destination in view of the fact that it is endowed with spectacular landscape and rich natural resources, coupled with classic locomotives as well as the prevailing peace and security. The remarks were made by Italian railway experts, Mr. Stefano Petini and Mr. Roberto Vasilichi, who took part in a training course for young Eritrean citizens on locomotive handling.

Indicating that he is visiting Eritrea for the 6th time, Mr. Petin stated that in the course of his visits, he witnessed major development stride on the basis of internal resource. He highly appraised the revival of the Eritrean railway system which was out of function for a long time through the dedication of elderly railway experts. Mr. Petini further expressed satisfaction for taking part in efforts to bequeath the skill and know-how of the elderly railway experts to the young generation. The Italian national added that Eritrea is one of the few countries that utilize steam engine locomotives, and as such it won broad acclaim around the world.

Similarly, Mr. Roberto Vasilich, who visited the country for the first time said that traveling by locomotive along the spectacular landscape certainly gives one utmost satisfaction. He went on to say that the railway system would play a major role in promoting the development of the tourism sector, and that this resource, coupled with the prevailing peace and security in Eritrea is attracting the attention of the international media.

It is to be noted that the Eritrean Railways administration, in collaboration with Italian railway experts, recently offered training to 20 youths in a bid to bequeath the skill and know-how of elderly workers to the young generation.

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