Egypt detains 105 Eritrean migrants in south

CAIRO, April 22 (Reuters) - Egypt has detained 105 Eritrean migrants who slipped across the border from northern Sudan, security sources and rights groups said on Tuesday.

The migrants were caught on Sunday and are at a detention centre in Aswan province, which borders Sudan, they said. They are part of a wave of African migrants who pass through Egypt, many of them seeking to cross the border into Israel.

More than 300 Eritreans have been caught in Aswan province since February, and 66 have been tried in military courts.

Rights activist Ra'fat Samir Habib told Reuters that migrants caught by border guards went to military trial, while those caught by the police face civilian trial.

The military courts have sentenced six of the 66 to one-year prison sentences and the other 60 to suspended one-year terms, the sources said. Civilian courts have given illegal migrants suspended one-month prison terms, Habib said.

Eleven migrants have been killed on the Egyptian-Israeli border since the start of the year, mostly shot by Egyptian police. Police killed an Eritrean at that border last Thursday. (Reporting by Mohamed Abdellah, Writing by Jonathan Wright)

Tue 22 Apr 2008, 14:46 GMT

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