European tourists laud the prevailing peace and security in Eritrea

Asmara, 15 April 2008 - European tourists expressed satisfaction with the peace and security they experienced in the course of their visit in Eritrea. Stating that they have visited different towns in the country, the tourists also pointed out that they have witnessed Eritrea's rich tourism potentials.

A 67-year old visitor, Mr. Klaus Hecking, said that he has visited Asmara, Keren and Geleb and expressed admiration to the hospitality the people accorded to the visiting tourists. He stated that Eritrea's rich natural resources, coupled with the prevailing peace and security, constitute the core of the country's tourism attraction.

Still another German visitor, Dr. Anneli Newill, who visited Eritrea for the second time with members of the Hammer Forum Association, expressed admiration to the Eritrean people's noble culture and hospitability and added that one can travel freely in Eritrea with a sense of security. Similarly, Dr, Wilfried Gobe, who visited the country for the first time, said that he was impressed with Eritrea's landscape and expressed appreciation to the hospitality accorded to him.

Also another tourist from Italy, Mr. Enzo Soleti, stated that he was deeply impressed with Asmara's neatness and said that he learned that the Eritreans are a hard working people keen on developing their nation.

Likewise, a German medical student, Ms. Lisa Sprung, said that she was impressed by Eritrea's natural charm. She further stated that as mentioned by the Lonely Planet magazine, Eritrea is one the major tourism destination countries in the world.

Dr. Cristoph Zerm, also a German national, said that he considers Eritrea a second home and that he is well acquainted with the country beginning in the year 2000. Indicating that he had visited almost all parts of Eritrea, Dr. Cristoph expressed admiration to the hospitability of the Eritrean people.

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